Impact of flooding on indoor air quality

A Look at the Impact of Flooding on Indoor Air Quality

Flooding isn’t just inconvenient; flood damage can impair the structural integrity of your home, damage valuable and personal items, and even impair your indoor air quality. The longer you wait to call for water damage restoration in Salt Lake City, the more extensive the damage may be. Floodwater brings microorganisms into your home and sets the stage for mold growth, and it can even disturb untouched asbestos in the home. Keep reading if you would like a closer look at the impact of flooding on indoor air quality.

Microorganisms in Floodwater
In order to understand how a flood can affect the quality of your indoor air, you first need to understand the makeup of floodwater. There are many different types of microorganisms that live in floodwater, and they might not be as easy to remove from your home as the water itself. When water from the flood soaks your furniture, flooring, or other porous Water Damage Restoration in Salt Lake City material, these microorganisms may find themselves new homes. Eventually they may be released from the porous materials and into the air, where they can be inhaled. Unfortunately these miniscule pests typically cause sickness in those who inhale them.

Conditions for Mold Growth
Although some moisture is necessary, excess moisture can be dangerous for your indoor air quality; unfortunately flooding counts as excess moisture. Mold does not need much more than a little moisture to survive, and a flood can provide that sustenance. If you do not have your flood cleaned professionally, enough moisture may be left behind to foster mold growth. When it is left alone, mold will spread around your home using small spores for travel. By hitching a ride through your HVAC systems, mold can ruin the indoor air quality throughout your entire home or building.

Disturbed Asbestos
Asbestos was once a popular material used for countless applications, but it was eventually found to be harmful to humans when disturbed. Unfortunately a flood can very well disturb your dormant asbestos, causing serious problems for your indoor air. Always call a professional to clean your flooding in order to preserve your indoor air quality.



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