Why is it beneficial to call in professionals?  Well, if everything was cheap and easy, then the word “professional” would not be found in the dictionary.  Professional carpet cleaning helps your house to look and feel so much better.

1.       Professional Carpet Cleaning Eliminates Trapped Pollutants.  Sometimes it’s better to not know what’s floating around your home, but according to the EPA, a dirty carpet can retain several sources of indoor air pollutants, such as; pet dander, cockroach allergens, lead, particle pollution, and everyday dirt and dust.  Toxic airborne gases can adhere to these particles and also get trapped within the carpet.  Professional carpet cleaning kills bacteria and can remove deeply trapped pollutants.  It also removes stains and dirt from your carpets and will extend the lifespan of your carpeting, keeping it looking like new longer and saving you from having to replace it prematurely.

2.       Professional Carpet Cleaning can Eliminate Dust Mite Infestations.  Many homes have dust mite infestations, yet go unnoticed as the creatures are microscopic.  Dust mites aren’t allergens, but they often leave behind feces and body fragments which are.  Once again, YUCK!  Because of the microscopic size of these particles, they can easily be inhaled when the area is disturbed, which can make existing allergies flare up or get worse.  Hot water extraction exposes your carpet to high temperature water that kills dust mites.  Thank goodness!

3.       Professional Carpet Cleaning can Help Prevent Mold Growth.  Some areas have high humidity levels, creating an environment where dirty carpets are exposed to moisture and leaving them a high risk of developing mold growth.  Moisture frequently gets tracked into the home and can sink deep in the carpet fibers.  Hot water extraction cleaning removes dirt, dust and mites while leaving nothing virtually nothing behind due to the industrial suctioning equipment.  One of the greatest benefits of modern professional carpet cleaning methods is that they practically eliminate the drying period for all types of carpets.  There’s no risk of mold or mildew build up because there’s hardly any dampness and is completely dry within a few hours (not 24 or more hours).

4.       Professional Carpet Cleaning Provides “Green” Solutions.  There is a thought that professional carpet cleaning uses damaging chemicals, but that’s a misconception.  The most effective professional carpet cleaning method is hot water extraction.  Certified products (conditioners, stain removers and protectors) that are used during hot water extraction are safe for all types of carpet and most importantly, safe for kids, pets and the environment.  There is no residue left behind in your carpets and nothing polluting to the environment, so homeowners can relax knowing their clean carpets are not at the expense of the planet.

5.       Professional Carpet Cleaning Provides Customer Satisfaction.  Anytime you call for in-home service, please make sure the company’s technicians that you invite into your home are licensed, insured and bonded.  A reputable, honest company will also provide you a quote as well as a guarantee to help protect your investment in hiring professionals. Renaissance  Carpet Cleaning goes above industry standard to make sure that the people we send into your home are people that we would want in our own home.

Many times as the sayings go, “You get what you pay for,” and “If it’s too good to be true, than it is,” can describe a lot of service companies.  Cheap services will probably end up leaving you with “dirty services.”   Some companies can offer very low prices for cleaning a whole house only to find that they did a poor job and basically vacuumed your home.  Or, it can turn out to be “bait and switch.”   Companies that  lure you in with cheap price and in order to really get it clean, everything becomes an “upcharge,” leaving you with a hefty bill.  When you’re ready to schedule professionals into your home, be vigilant and know exactly what’s being offered and at what price.

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