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Carpets with pets

Many homeowners have cats and dogs as pets but many pet owners do not realize that the pets make the carpets in their home need extra attention. Below are a few things to keep in mind if you have pets or are thinking about getting any in the future the we at Renaissance Carpet Cleaning think you will benefit from as these are our experience as we serve our clients over the years.

No matter what breed of dog or cats you get there will bound to be accidents that occur from time to time, many pet owners say their pets never have accidents but upon our inspections we find many times that their are signs of accidents that they never knew about. It is natural that if you get a puppy that it will take time to for them to be house broken but as dogs get older they will also begin to have accidents. If your pet has an accident you can be certain that it is not just on the top of the carpet but it also has penetrated underneath into the padding, depending on the size of the dog it could range from the size of a golf ball to the size of a basketball. This is the reason that having your carpets professionally cleaned more often when you have pets is recommended, also find a cleaning company that does a great job and you trust instead of always looking for a new cheaper one.

Pet hair
Lets face it pets shed and the hair gets everywhere, they stick to us and we take the hair from one room to an other. A normal home may only need vacuumed twice a week but a home with pets will need to be vacuumed more often and about twice as often. Most vacuum cleaners will do a good job removing the pet hair as long as the vacuum cleaner is maintained by emptying it out when it is full, cleaning the filters and keeping the brush cleaned so it can spin and agitate the carpet to loosen up the hairs. If you do not vacuum often enough the hairs will begin to embed themselves deeper into the carpet and making in almost impossible to remove. Also do not for get under the beds where cats often like to hang out at, often times these areas are never vacuumed and when the bed is removed it seems like there is more hair under it then on the cat.

Body oils,dander and odors
All pets have their natural body oils that attract dirt as they are outside, the dirt sticks to them and then the dirt is transferred to your carpets. This will cause you carpets to get dirty quicker plus their body oils will also transfer on to the carpet making it harder to clean. Pet dander is what many people are allergic to and the dander is like a powder that is not visible but it is in your home. Pets have odors but many times the homeowners are immune to the odors since they spend so much time in their home and they smell it on a daily bases. Having your carpets professionally cleaned will remove the odors and make it more enjoyable for you and your visitors.


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