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renaissance carpet stair cleaning

San Diego carpet cleaner

Keeping your carpets maintained and looking its best can be a challenge but adding the the amount of sand that we have in San Diego will require more attention and getting the carpets professionally cleaned will help the carpets to last longer.Renaissance Carpet has been servicing San Diego since 2009, when you are need of having your carpets cleaned Renaissance Carpet will exceed your expectations and amaze you with the results.

One key step to keeping your carpets maintained is vacuuming, vacuuming at least twice a week and taking your time doing it will remove the sand that causes carpets to wear quicker then normal. When you vacuum you want to make sure the bag or canister is not full, if it is full there is no place for the dirt and sand to go so it is no being removed from the carpets. Another important factor that will allow your vacuum to preform like it is suppose to is to keep the filters on the vacuum clean and keeping the rolling brush clean. If the filter is dirty it is not able to provide the suction needed to lift the sand and if the roller is full of hair it is not loosening the dirt and it is staying in the carpet as well.

Renaissance Carpet provides free estimates and has flexible schedule allowing you to get the cleaning done when you are available. Our services include carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, grout sealing, upholstery cleaning and 24 hour emergency water restoration. Our cleaning process will allow the carpets to dry in less then 4 hours that way you will be able to walk on the carpets quickly and enjoy your freshly cleaned home. We also offer carpet protector that will allow you to keep the carpets cleaned longer and will give you the peace of mind that if there is an accident or something gets spilled you will be able to clean up the spots before they penetrate into the carpets.


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