Top Reasons You Need to Steam Clean Your Carpet

Top Reasons You Need to Steam Clean Your Carpet

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There is much more involved in cleaning your carpets than just simply vacuuming. Over time, all of the dirt that you are trying to get out of the carpet with a vacuum only gets pushed deeper into the carpet. Even the most powerful vacuum on the market will take several tries to get up about half of the dirt that lies beneath your feet. In order to truly get your carpets cleaned, you need a stronger method of attacking them, namely steam cleaning. While you may have heard about steam cleaning, you might not know exactly how they can help improve the conditions of your carpet.

What Steam Cleaning Offers

Steam cleaning touts many benefits, all of which are designed to not only improve the look of your carpets, but also the quality of your lives. Here are the top three reasons why hiring a professional steam cleaning company is a good thing to do:

Restores your carpets:

Steam cleaning is able to dig deep within your carpet fibers and remove all of the dirt and grime that makes your carpet look worn out. This may not work for all carpets, especially ones that have suffered years of abuse, but it will make your carpets look better. Carpets that are in good condition will be restored to new life and will give you something to be proud of when showing off your home.

Elimination of various pathogens:

Did you know that your carpets are riddled with bacteria? The unfortunate thing about bacteria is that they are undetectable. However, they are also the biggest cause of itching and rashes that pass off as allergies. Steam cleaning can help to eliminate these bacteria due to the high temperatures of the steam that is used to clean the carpets.

Helps eliminate illness:

Most of the illnesses in the home are caused due to build up dander and other particles such as dust mites. Eliminating these will not only give you a healthier home, but it can decrease the effect of allergens on those who suffer from allergies. It can help to relieve the various symptoms that you might experience being sensitive to these allergens. If you or anyone in your family suffers from severe allergies, getting a professional steam cleaning done more than once a year is in your best interests.

Steam cleaners are multi use:

Steam cleaners usually come with a host of attachments including squeegees, multiple brushes, extension hoses, nozzles and more. This allows you to use your steamer for many different cleaning purposes besides just cleaning your carpet. You can clean your bathroom, kitchen utensils, and the interior of the car and just about anything you can imagine.

Increases air quality:

Steam is in essence heated water vapor. The steam rises and also kills the bacteria in the air around you while cleaning. It removes odors and leaves a very clean and fresh scent in your home.

6. Shampoo cleaning is old fashioned: Yes, shampoo cleaning is old fashioned! When you use shampoo to clean your carpet, the chances are a lot of residue remains in the fibers of your carpets. Do you really want dried shampoo gunk in your carpet? I know I don’t!

There are other benefits to having your carpets steam cleaned at least once a year, but these are the top three reasons why most people schedule their appointments.

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