What is steam cleaning?

Many customers know the term “steam cleaning” but really have no clue on what it really is. While most professional carpet cleaners know that steam cleaning is really hot water extraction and that we really are not cleaning carpets with 100% steam many clients that that it is only steam being used to clean their carpets. You can actually see steam coming from the wand. So yes it is very hot water!

It is our jobs as professional carpet cleaners to help educate the customers to understand what steam cleaning really is. Many customers that we at Renaissance Carpet have had did not realized that there is cleaning solutions and spotters being used and just thought their carpets was going to be cleaned with pure steam. We take the time to explain to the customers what we will be doing during our cleaning process and why the cleaning solution is important. We also must make sure that they understand that there is water being used during the cleaning process and that the water will get into their carpets and it will be wet.

Once we explain the cleaning process and how the term “steam cleaning” is actually steam being produced from the hot water we are using to rinse out the cleaning solution they have a better understanding of how this will provide the best cleaning for them. Also once they understand the cleaning process they have a greater appreciation for what we are doing and also how certain things that they do such as spot clean using over the counter shampoos can be bad for their carpets on the long run.

As you can see their is a need to make sure that your customers understand the cleaning process you are doing and why you are doing it, once they understand you may have a customer for life.

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