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Why you should have your carpets cleaned professionally

There are many reasons why you should call Renaissance Carpet too clean your carpets,
however the main reason is that you use your carpets every day 24/7,
even when you are not walking on them your carpets are still collecting dust,
bacteria & other allergens that are in the home.
Even if you vacuum your carpet every day there are still things that ordinary cleaning
solutions can not get, that is why our machines clean as deep as your carpet
padding with state of the art steam cleaning extraction solutions. We make
sure you will keep your home carpets safe clean & fresh. Also making them last as long as possible.

Professional steam cleaning & sanitizing service
Pet stains urine & odor treatment
Spot & Stains treatment (for stains like wine spills, clothing
discoloring, tough food or medicine stains, containing high acid levels)
Spot stains treatment
Scotch guard protective fiber coat
Re-stretch carpet available
Spot dye carpet
Flood Dry Out is available 24/7
Call us at (619)248-5407

 carpet cleaner for the san diego, el cajon, la mesa and alpine.



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